10 Symptoms of Appendicitis

The term appendicitis refers to inflammation of the appendix. This inflammation and related swelling will often cause the organ to rupture. A ruptured appendix is considered a major medical risk. It typically results in fecal contamination within the appendix. This will, in turn, spread as a large-scale infection throughout the body. A fairly straightforward form of surgery called an appendectomy can prevent this from occurring. As such it’s extremely important to be on the lookout for these symptoms of appendicitis. Early detection will ensure you’re able to receive treatment before there’s any risk of a rupture.

1. Fever

It’s quite common for people with appendicitis to think that they’re just experiencing symptoms of the flu or a cold. There’s a lot of overlap between symptoms of a cold, flu, and appendicitis. Fevers are one of the most common of these shared symptoms. In all three cases, the body is trying to fight off harmful microorganisms. The root cause of colds and the flu are pathogenic bacterial and viral invaders. Appendicitis is a more complex issue. But it’s quite common for blockages in the lining of an appendix to act as a reservoir for bacteria. The body tries to fight off these bacteria through inflammation of the appendix and an overall rise in temperature. This reaction will then manifest as a fever.

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