10 Signs of Thyroid Issues

The thyroid is a gland located in the neck that is responsible for regulating a few different functions in the human body. It’s basically where a lot of hormones are controlled and regulated, and issues with a person’s thyroid can cause weight issues, hormonal imbalances, and more. Thyroids can also become cancerous if their issues persist long enough. The good news is that thyroids can be easily treated; though it’s important that you’re able to spot the signs that something may be wrong with your gland. Here are ten signs to be aware of with a thyroid gland that isn’t functioning properly.

1: Menstrual Changes

For premenopausal women, their menstrual cycles are pretty regular when left to cycle naturally. So, when this cycle is upset, there has to be a cause. If a woman isn’t on birth control, and isn’t actually pregnant, the most common cause here is hormones jumping out of balance. This is a good indication that there may be an issue with the thyroid gland, such as hypothyroidism. With an issue like this, self-diagnosis shouldn’t be considered. Allow a doctor to perform an examination; the goal here is to be aware that irregularity in the menstrual cycle is a side-effect of thyroid issues.

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