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Benefits of Teaching Your Child Mindfulness

The concept of mindfulness has grown significantly in popularity in recent years, even though it has been a fundamental aspect of Buddhist teachings for centuries. In addition to its spiritual significance, practicing mindfulness can effectively alleviate stress and anxiety, as well as enhance one’s overall sense of well-being. As mindfulness gains traction among diverse populations,...

by April 30, 2023June 26, 2023

Understanding Distress Intolerance

Humans possess the remarkable capacity to experience a wide range of emotions, which is an essential characteristic of our species. These emotions, both positive and negative, are crucial for our survival. Fear, grief, and anger, just like happiness, love, and excitement, play significant roles in our ability to thrive. However, some individuals find it challenging...

by April 25, 2023June 26, 2023

Research-Backed Ways to Make New Friends

Despite the abundance of people inhabiting the planet, forming genuine friendships and connections is not a simple task. Scientific studies have shown that having friends and nurturing close relationships significantly enhances overall well-being. Surprisingly, research indicates that the majority of individuals have not successfully made a new friend in the past five years. While it...

by April 20, 2023June 26, 2023

Is Cognitive Therapy Good for COVID?

Studies indicate that COVID-19 can have severe and lasting implications on brain function. Additionally, the pandemic’s psychological toll and the limitations it has imposed on daily life have unquestionably had a negative impact on mental well-being. However, cognitive therapy is increasingly being recognized as a potential solution for addressing both the immediate and long-term consequences...

by April 19, 2023June 26, 2023

The Neurotic Personality Trait

Understanding the true nature of neuroticism is essential to dispelling common misconceptions. While many mistakenly associate neuroticism with paranoia, fear, or excessive worry, it is important to recognize that neuroticism is not a mental illness or psychological disorder. Instead, neuroticism is best understood as a personality trait that manifests as a consistent pattern of emotions,...

by April 11, 2023June 26, 2023

Social Exchange Theory: Weighing Costs to Get Rewards

The concept of social exchange theory suggests that individuals engage in social interactions based on the principles of exchange, aiming to minimize their costs and maximize their benefits. Unlike other theories that focus on emotions, social exchange theory takes a logical and mathematical approach. It finds practical applications in various domains, such as romantic relationships...

by April 3, 2023June 26, 2023

The Truth About Introverts

Contrary to popular belief, introverts are not shy, lonely, or fearful of social situations. According to studies, introverts make up a smaller portion of the population compared to extroverts, with a ratio of about six to one. While many people assume that introverts are afraid of socializing or being around others, this is not the...

by April 2, 2023June 26, 2023

Phlegmatic Humor and Temperament Through History

Phlegmatic humor holds a significant place in the ancient medical system known as humorism. This system, also referred to as the humoral theory, was extensively utilized by the Ancient Greeks and Romans to comprehend various bodily conditions. Although the idea of humorism originated in Greece, its influence extended far beyond its place of origin, inspiring...

by March 27, 2023June 26, 2023

What Is Doom Scrolling?

Doom scrolling, a term coined to describe the act of endlessly consuming online content, has become a prevalent behavior in today’s digital age. This phenomenon is made possible by the infinite scroll feature found on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. While the inclination to engage in doom scrolling is not...

by March 15, 2023June 26, 2023

Theories of Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology is a field that examines the cognitive, emotional, and social development throughout a person’s life, and the multitude of factors that impact these transformations. Numerous theories have been proposed, with a significant emphasis on childhood development due to its rapid progression. In the 20th century, developmental psychology garnered substantial interest, leading to the...

by March 15, 2023June 26, 2023