Lyme Disease: 10 Signs To Watch For

2. Unexplained Fatigue

Fatigue is unfortunately a symptom of thousands of different things that might ail you. And through it all, it can also just mean you’re not getting enough sleep. However, when it comes to a constant sort of fatigue that you cannot explain through dietary changes or other sorts of illnesses, then you might be dealing with lyme disease. If you are suffering from constant fatigue that you cannot put your finger on, then going in for a test might be your best option. It’s the sort of fatigue that makes your entire body feel drained and spent.

3. A Fever and Chills

Again, like with the above potential symptom, there are all sorts of reasons you could develop a fever and get cold chills. The difference here is that you would develop the fever without any sort of viral infection. The bacterial infection that causes lyme disease isn’t like a viral infection that causes the flu, bronchitis, etc. So you won’t have any of those other accompanying symptoms. If you end up with a fever and chills you cannot explain, without other actual sick-like symptoms, then it could very well be lyme disease.

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