10 Symptoms of Appendicitis

4. Abdominal Swelling

Swelling is one of the more common side effects of inflammation. The inflammation caused by appendicitis is no exception to that rule. People with appendicitis often find that their abdominal area begins to swell. This can result in visual protrusion of one’s abdomen. However, it’s far more common for the appendix to only swell enough to apply pressure to nearby organs. This type of swelling usually isn’t apparent to casual observation. This symptom is particularly worrisome as people will often see a cascading chain of symptoms due to the swelling. A swollen appendix can create everything from digestive issues to constipation.

5. Pain When Moving Certain Body Parts

As the appendix swells it becomes more tender. Likewise, other organs impacted by the swollen appendix can become far more sensitive. All of this culminates in a growing discomfort associated with movement. This is usually worst around one’s navel or upper abdomen. However, appendicitis can even make moving your arm or anything else a rather painful affair. Most of our movements use muscles all over the body. Likewise, we usually compress far more areas of our body than we assume at first glance. All of this means that any movement has a good chance of aggravating a swollen appendix.

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