10 Tips to Help Relax Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome, also known colloquially as RLS, is a condition where a person’s legs experience all different sorts of sensations from mild to irritating and even painful. This can be tingling sensations, creeping-crawling feelings, or even sharp, stabbing pains. The issue here is that the legs have an overwhelming urge to be moved to get rid of the sensation. It’s an urge driven entirely by the brain, and people with RLS have a very hard time sitting still and especially with sleeping. A joke to some, but a serious issue for those with it, RLS is a real condition that needs to be treated. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to relax your legs and get some rest.

1. More Movement

“Exercise” is what most people are going to tell you, and tell you some more, and then tell you again. Okay, fine; but “exercise” sure is vague. What precisely should you be doing with RLS to help alleviate RLS? The issue is in your legs, so doing arm curls isn’t going to help your legs much at all. The trick here is to move those legs around throughout the day, so that the muscles and nerves are tired and are ready to rest. This should help to alleviate RLS at nights and help you sleep. So, get some extra walking in whenever you can. Exercise your legs specifically. This could help a great deal.

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