10 Home Remedies for Heel Spurs

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As calcium builds up on the underside of your heel, you can develop bone spurs. Bone spurs are a relatively common condition. They can make walking, running, exercising, or standing still painful. As you exert pressure on your heel, the bony spur pushes into your heel pad. This gives you a stabbing sensation. There are medical interventions that can treat bone spurs. Thankfully, bone spurs often fix themselves with rest and time. There are some home remedies that you can use to recover faster, make your bone spurs smaller, and help alleviate pain.

1. Get Sufficient Rest

Rest is a simple and effective remedy for bone spurs. When a bone spur forms, you are going to feel it. This is an indication that you should reduce your activity levels. Reduce the amount of pressure that you put on your heel. This could mean avoiding high-impact activities, like jumping or running. At night, elevate your foot, allowing it to heal. Avoid restrictive socks and shoes. These will irritate the spur. Every time you put pressure on your heel, the pain will be an uncomfortable reminder that you need to rest. Listen to the signals your body gives you.

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