10 Signs Of Bone Cancer

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Primary bone cancer is one of the rarest cancers and only makes up 0.2 percent of cancer diagnoses. While it is speculated that this condition can be hereditary, the exact cause isn’t known yet. Most bone tumors are benign and don’t turn into cancer. Not only that, but most bone cancer cases are secondary. This means that the cancer started elsewhere and metastasized into the bones. There are many potential symptoms, but be sure to speak with a qualified doctor to diagnose the condition.


This tends to be the first symptom, but keep in mind that pain can be caused from many different conditions. This pain tends to start as intermittent and mild. You will feel it most often after physical activity or at night. Aspirin and other pain medication can ease the sensation. This will increase in severity as the bone cancer progresses and can become a persistent sensation. You can experience this as any combination of stabbing, aching, burning or throbbing pain.

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