How to Recognize the Onset of a Gallbladder Attack

A fluid-filled sac that sits directly under the human liver, the gallbladder is a very important organ in that it stores bile. It sounds disgusting, but this bile produced in the gallbladder aids in the digestion of the fats you eat. As such, the bile produced in this organ must be able to flow freely in and out of the gallbladder, and any sort of obstruction can lead to a gallbladder attack. The organ can be blocked off over time, with gallstones, which can be incredibly painful. Calcium, cholesterol and bilirubin (a byproduct of blood cells) can all clog the duct and lead to an attack. If caught in time, the gallbladder can be saved and the clog can be removed. Here are 10 signs of a gallbladder attack to be aware of.

1. Nausea and Vomiting

Of course, we need to preface this by telling you that most of the symptoms here can be of many different things, and thus nausea and vomiting alone aren’t enough to tell if you’re having a gallbladder attack. It’s more about a combination of symptoms or, in some cases, a symptom that you find no other reason for. So, for instance, if you cannot explain the fact that you’re vomiting and feeling sick, especially after you eat fatty meals, then it may be a sign that your gallbladder is attacking you.

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