10 Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

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The bladder temporarily holds urine from the kidneys before you release it. Bladder cancer affects the lining of the bladder. The cancerous cells grow and develop and form tumors. If detected early, cancer can be treated. If left untreated, the cancer cells can grow further and spread to the kidneys. If one still doesn’t seek treatment, cancer can spread to the bones, lungs, and brain. The disease is common in men as the fourth most common cancer. Cases of bladder cancer in women are rare, but women can also be affected. The condition can result from smoking, chemicals, radiation, and recurrent bladder infections. Some of the symptoms that can point to the presence of this disease include:

Blood in Urine

Bladder cancer causes the cells of the lining of the bladder to inflame. This can cause blood to ooze from the lining, which comes out when you pass out urine. The sign of urine in the blood can point to other conditions, but it is the first sign that one has bladder cancer. In some cases, the presence of blood in urine can point to something minor. However, you should never ignore that symptom as cancer may still be in its early stages. If the disease has not progressed, blood in urine can only be detected through a urine test. In progressed stages, the individual may produce large blood clots that turn the urine red.

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